Our Mission

Perfect Harmony works as a true partner to small and medium sized companies. We handle the navigation of the Amazon and other online market spaces, provide superior shipping and logistics management, and support our clients’ social media and marketing efforts during their entry to these new markets.

Our team has been working for many years to address the problems faced by small scale producers as they attempt to bring their products to a larger market.  Entry to traditional grocery supply and distribution systems is so capital intensive as to be exclusionary to most companies.  In late 2015, Whole Foods Market fired every local food buyer in their company. Traditional distributors such as UNFI are unmanageable (in our experience) without a dedicated broker, and heavily tilted in the favor of large scale food producers, and farmers markets are inadequate in most markets to support small food and consumer based start ups.

Amazon.com and other online retailers represent a unique opportunity for small scale producers, as a potential fair marketplace to allow them to reach millions of potential customers.