Our Team

Uday Gupta- President and CEO

Uday founded The Perfect Harmony Company to help small and medium size companies expand their reach via Amazon, discovering in the process what a difficult job this can be for small businesses.  He holds an MBA from UVA’s Darden School of Business and has participated in several successful startups.

Matthew Rohdie- Client Management and Liaison

Matt is the founder of Carpe Donut LLC, currently selling organic donuts via Perfect Harmony on Amazon.  He has worked closely with other small scale food producers in Charlottesville, VA over the last 10 years to explore cooperative food distribution models. Matt has first hand experience in the pitfalls of attempting to take a small food business into the grocery distribution system. He has founded one other tech based startup in Charlottesville, and currently is running a local food Cafe. He is a former social worker and Coast Guard SAR boatswain.

Anita Gupta- Social Media and Marketing

Anita is the owner/operator of, Maliha Creations, a premier wedding cake boutique serving hundreds of couples per year. She works with large and small wholesalers and distributors for her own business needs. She is also social media savvy, understanding the importance of beautiful images, combined with excellent copy and calls to action.